Boatyard Rates

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The Port of Ilwaco boat yard services commercial vessels and pleasure crafts up to 50 tons. Work yard space is available daily, weekly or monthly. To schedule a haul-out, please contact the Port office at (360) 642-3143.

Boatyard Rates – Effective 3/1/2020

Haul-Out (round trip) 30′ minimum-Annual Rate

Haul-Out(round trip)-Transient Rate


$7.45 per foot

$7.70 per foot

Pressure Wash-Annual Rate

Pressure Wash-Transient Rate

$3.10 per foot

$3.30 per foot

Load/Off- Load Trailer (2 hr maximum) $5.55 per foot
 Travelift with Operator includes( haul-out/hang or re-block) $135.00 per hour
Work Yard – Daily w/Annual (30′ minimum charge)

Work Yard – Daily Transient plus $5.00 mandatory daily electricity charge

[Example: 40′ x $0.58= $23.20]
$0.56 per foot

$0.63 per foot

Work Yard – Monthly – (Transient)

First 30 days

Over 30 days

Over 60 days



$8.95 per foot

$9.35 per foot

$13.00 per foot


Work Yard – Monthly   (Annual Moorage)

First 30 days

Over 30 days

Over 60 days

*After a month, the yard rate will be prorated using the monthly rate on a weekly basis. May be subject to 12.84% state leasehold tax. ***Upon approval from the Port Manager,  the over 30-day rate may be allowed if adequate work is being performed.

$6.95 per foot

$7.20 per foot

$9.50 per foot

Fork Lift $78.00 per hour
Call Out labor $115.00 per person  (3-hour minimum per person)
Boat Yard Building                                                                                 $98.00-Day  $445.00-week  $1,185-
 Storage Yard- 40 ft min

(10 plus months** rates double**)

Annual Moorage



$2.35/ft per month

Transit Patrons Non-Annual Patrons $6.00/ft per month

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