Additional 12.84% leasehold tax not included and may apply.
Rates effective: March 1, 2017

Daily Moorage
76′ and up
Tour Boats
$50 per 12-hour visit
Monthly Moorage
Up to 49′                                               $8.75 per foot, per month
(the length of the slip or boat, whichever is longest)
 50′ and over                                         $8.90 per foot, per month
Annual Moorage – Rates per foot per year
Commercial – C & D Float: 50′ slips
$27.30 per foot
Commercial – C & D Float: 51′ Plus slips
$28.30 per foot
All other berths (50’/51′ plus)
$27.30/$28.30 per foot
H, K & L Floats
$19.60 per foot
E, F, G, J, M, P Floats & West Side of N Float
$26.80 per foot
East Side of N Float
$19.60 per foot
P Float – Side Ties 20′
$19.60 per foot
East & West Main with electrical

East & West Main without electrical


Vessels 100′ or greater

$28.30 per foot

$19.60 per foot

$36.10 per foot

Annual Moorage only – slips with 50 amp electrical service $50 min charge
 Boat Trailer Parking

Boat trailers unhooked from a vehicle and parked or stored for longer than 24 hours shall be subject to payment of the following fees below.  These fees only apply to boat trailers unless another type of trailer is otherwise approved by the port Manager or designee on a case by case basis.  Other types of trailers, unless approved, are not to be stored on Port property.


Daily: $1.50           Monthly: $10.00             Annual: $120.00


 Boat Launch

Annual Pass:  $100.00

Round Trip:   $10.00