The WPPA, (Washington Public Ports Association) has put together a wonderful article on the history of the Port of Ilwaco.

Voters approve the formation of the Port of Ilwaco on March 4, 1928. Essay 9496 : Printer-Friendly Format

“On March 4, 1928, voters approve the formation of the Port of Ilwaco. Located on Baker Bay near the mouth of the Columbia River, the Port of Ilwaco is the first of four port districts that will be formed in Pacific County. Long a harbor for fishing boats that harvest salmon from the Columbia River, southern Pacific County residents support the formation of the Port as a means to improve access to the harbor from deep water in the river and to provide a public dock on the bay. The Port will grow to include a breakwater, a dredged moorage basin, and a boatyard. Beginning in the 1980s, the Port will take an increasingly larger role in Ilwaco’s community and economic development by hosting a public market at the port, partnering with Grays Harbor College to bring a branch campus to Ilwaco, improving public facilities at the port, and sponsoring a number of annual community events.”

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