The Port of Ilwaco Fish Cam is a live web cam. Enjoy a view of the Ilwaco Marina where you will find a variety of shops and activities including a Saturday Market, musicians, and, of course, great board walking and duck feeding.

Click the camera icon to take a snapshot, or get in line to take a turn operating the camera! It has a 360-degree panoramic view as well as zoom that you can control.
The name “Fish Cam” comes from the fact that the Port of Ilwaco is famous for its outstanding fresh and saltwater charter fishing experiences. From sturgeon to salmon, halibut, tuna or a trip designed just for you, the captains of Ilwaco charter boats know all the secrets to a good catch.

If your view of the Port appears as if the glass is wet, it is probably raining. If a partial image appears, it is likely that your browser was updating to the most recent image and the old and new images have overlapped. Just reload or refresh the page and the latest image will be captured. Do not despair if all you see is the glow of boat lights; it simply means that it is nighttime at the Port.